ABC SCAFFOLD is the leading company on Infrastructure materials and construction materials testing equipment, with proven technologies, expertise, support and services, ABC SCAFFOLD OEM/ODM offerings extend beyond the hardware and help partners go to market quickly without draining their resources and budgets.

Benefits of OEM/ODM at ABC SCAFFOLD?

1.Outstanding R&D

We have some outstanding developers, each product is very popular on the market, and we get a lot of loyal fans all over the world, we can fulfill your requirements and grantee excellent products and after-sales.

2.High Quality

ABC SCAFFOLD always focus on the design as well as quality control. So you could order with confidence of our products .

3.Multiple Choices

ABC SCAFFOLD provides a wide range of products, including Ring lock scaffold, scaffold, latching system, scaffolding connector, H scaffolding frame, adjustable struts, Kwikstage scaffolding, hanging platform motor (swing platform), architectural hardware products, adjusts the horizontal scaffold jack, nearly all the necessary parts.

OEM/ODM manufacturing is usually of a stable and long-term cooperation, welcome to contact us for further information about OEM/ODM.